Celebrating 26 Years!

Great sunshine and a little weather excitement!

2017 Contacts:


Food Food Food! The Chester River Association generously provided over 20 huge side dishes to add to the BBQ and helped serve the hungry crowd. Special thanks to Heart to Hand volunteers for their serving efforts!

We are very proud to say that, through your hard work, we raised a total of $xx,000 in donations during the event! Awards for the top 10 fundraisers went to the following all-stars:

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2017 was a huge success for participation! We had 200 registered swimmers for the event with 195 entering the water as the horn blew for their respective waves. Everyone came out of the water safely!

Many thanks go to your charity partners and our many volunteers who helped make this event fun and safe for all, especially the Chesapeake Paddler’s Association who provided over a dozen kayakers to watch over the swimmers! Quality of Life Retreats attended and provided informational material on their programs. Thank you!

About the Event:

2017 Charities Include: Heart to Hand, Quality of Life Retreats, and the Chester River Association.

Accounting Disclosure:

Number of Registered Swimmers: xxx

Total Donation Income: $ xx,xxx

Total Income: $xx,xxx

Charity Distributions: $ xx,000

Total Expenses Including Charity Distributions: $ xx,000

Non-Charity Expenses as a percent of Donations: xx%

Non-Donation Income as a percent of Non-Charity Expenses: xx%

Donations passed on to Charities: xx%

Please Support Our Sponsors!

MD Swim for Life is a major swim event in the Del-Mar-VA region and takes significant effort and resources. This year, we are actively seeking sponsors to offset the costs for putting on this event. This year, we actively sought out sponsors with a Sponsorship program to offset the costs for putting on this event. We were able to offset a large part of the cost and were thus able to send more of the donations to our charity partners.  If you would like to sponsor the event in the future, please see our Sponsorship page if you are with an organization that would like to contribute. Please help in supporting the following generous sponsors: 


To view or download all the official photos (1,900+) from this year’s event including pictures for each participant at the finish line, Google Photos Albums below:

  1. Bullet Google Photos: 2017 MD Swim for Life

Please note that we had some technical difficulties during the swim finishes. We apologize that we were unable to photograph some swimmers as they exited the water.

Photos posted online have been reduce in size - if you would like the high resolution photo, please send an email to swimforlife@swimdcac.org with the photo number. Also, if you have any photos to share, please email a dropbox or google drive link to the above address so that we can download your high resolution versions to share with others. Thanks!!


The final results of the 2017 Maryland Swim for Life are posted below. We had 6 heats for the swim event, each started 4 minutes apart. 

Heat 1 - 5 Miles, Orange Caps

Heat 2 - 4 Miles, Green Caps

Heat 3 - 3 Miles, Yellow Caps

Heat 4 - 2.4-Mile Triathlon Challenge Swim, Red Caps

Heat 5 - 2 Miles, Blue Caps

Heat 6 - 1 Mile, Pink Caps

Final Race Results (dated x/xx/2017): Coming Soon!

  1. Bullet 2017 Maryland Swim for Life Age Group Finish Results by Distance via Bluepoint Race Management website

  2. Bullet 2017 Maryland Swim for Life Age Group Finish Results by Distance via PDF