Fundraising Resources


We have created some visual aids to help you advertise your attendance at Swim for Life. Please download, print, and distribute them freely. Remember: People respond best when the hear why this event means so much to you. Personalize your story!

Help spread the word and direct friends, co-workers, and everyone to swim or donate...

Invitation Cards

Having a party? Going to a happy hour? We have created these Invitation Cards for you to print double-sided to hand out at your next social gathering. Just print and cut along the edges of the first page and you have cards to hand to friends and new people you meet. Help spread the word during your next dinner party!

You may download the fixed PDF file or customize the editable MS Word docx.

Spread the word! Tell the story of your attendance from your perspective!

Office Sponsorship Flyer

We have created this flyer so that you can post it outside your office at work or post these around town. It has tear-off information tabs which people can use to remember the web site as they stroll by. Just print and cut between the tabs so that people can pull them off easily. Help spread the word at the office or your gym!

You may download the fixed PDF or customize the editable MS Word docx.

YouTube Video

Help people know what Swim for Life is all about with a special inspirational video prepared using clips from 2011 year. Send a link to the video in your emails to friends and family asking for sponsorships.

Share the video by copying and pasting the following link:

Facebook “Like” and “Share”

Help spread the word via Facebook. Click the Like button for our web page and then Share it to all of your Facebook Friends via your Newsfeed. Add a story to your newsfeed linking this site and speaking to why you are swimming this charity event.

Twitter “Follow”

Help spread the word via Twitter. Click the Follow button for our twitter account. Then, when we tweet, please Retweet it to your followers. Help use the power of social networking to spread the word! Also, use hashtag #2018MDSwim4Life

Sample Email to Friends and Family

Don’t know what to say? Copy and paste some or all of the sample email we have created, and then expand with your own story and experiences. People relate and respond to your individual experiences, so let the creative juices flow and let people know why Swim for Life means so much to you!

Quick Links

We have created our comprehensive web site experience for you and your donors! Point donors to the Charities, past Event Photos or Stories, or the details of this year’s event. Use these links in all of your correspondence:

Official MD Swim for Life Website:

Donate Now!

Live Donations Tally Sheet:

QR Code

Using the QR Code on printed material helps your readers quickly go to the Official MD Swim for Life website. Download the QR Code and insert it into letters and cards you send out!

MD Swim for Life Logo

Many thanks to Dan Pisut for creating the logo for MD Swim for Life! Please feel free to use the logo on all of your correspondence. You can download several versions:

Color (White text):     Large (Good for printed materials)       Small (Good for email)

Color (Black text):    Small

Black & White:    Small

Try A Letter Writing Campaign!

Everyone likes getting mail, as long as it aren’t bills! Write up a short and personal letter that explains why you are participating in MD Swim For Life. Mail them to your friends and family and enclose a self envelope, so they can mail their donations back to you. Just watch as the donations roll in!

Party Ideas

What better excuse to have a party!  Possible themes include:

Gourmet Dinner Party:
Treat your guests to the finest cooking, or the finest your local restaurants have to offer.

Ethnic Food Sampler:
Let your friends sample the best from Italy, Greece, Mexico, China, etc

Happy Hour: 
Contact your local hang-out and ask them to let you host an after work happy hour one night. Charge an admission at the door for an open bar or for drink specials and food. Hold a 50/50 raffle during the party and watch your dollars add up!

Progressive Feast:
Ask your neighbors to commit to provide one stage of the meal at their homes (e.g. cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, dinner dessert and night cap).

Wine Tasting Party: 
Contact your local wine shop to see if they can provide a wine expert.  Consider an auction/raffle for a bottle of premium wine.

Take Your Goal To Work

Your co-workers and/or company can be a wonderful source of support.  Consider forming a fundraising campaign team within your workplace and conduct events throughout the training period.

Dress Down Day: 
This is a great promotion for those people who work in a formal office environment.  For a donation of $5, or more, an individual has the “company OK” to dress down for one day.

Pizza Party:
Ask your local pizza shop to donate a few pies for a company lunch.  Charge co-workers a lunch fee (what they would typically pay for lunch).

Company Silent Auction:
Ask co-workers to bring in an item or two they have “laying around the house.”  Set up a silent auction table at work and let it run for a day or two.

Matching Gift Program:
If your company has a matching gift plan, take advantage of it. Just ask your HR Department. Don’t forget to ask your friends if they can get their donations matched where they work as well.