Sample Email


Copy and Paste the following text into an email. Be creative and add your personal experience and photos to the email:

Dear Friends and Family,

On June 23rd, I'll be joining the DC Aquatics Club for a charity open water swim event. I’m planning on swimming [1, 2, 2.4, 3, 4 or 5] miles at the 27th Annual Maryland Swim for Life in the Chester River. Please consider helping with a tax-deductible donation. Funds raised from Swim for Life are donated to locally-based non-profit organizations who work on HIV/AIDS related issues, and to ShoreRivers which advocates for clean and healthy rivers on Maryland’s eastern shore. You can learn more about the event at:

I’m excited to swim this year because [insert your story here - use active voice and illustrative language.

  1. -Have you attended this event in the past? What was your experience?

  2. -Are you or a loved one affected by HIV / AIDS?

  3. -Are you swimming for or in memory of someone? How did / do they effect your life?

  4. -How does that effect lead to your attendance at this event?

  5. -Do you have pictures of yourself with your loved ones that you can insert into the email?

  6. -Do any of our charities have a special meaning for you or impact to your life?

  7. -Does environmental stewardship of rivers mean anything to you?]

Please help me raise money for Maryland Swim for Life; use the link below to donate. The website is secure, fast and easy to use.  At the website you will be able to choose my name and an amount to donate and receive email confirmation of your donation.  Thanks in advance for your help.

Click here to donate to the cause using Club Assistant’s secure website, click:



2018 MD Swim for Life Participant